Electric cars – the future of travelling

The electric car is powered by at least one electric motor that is using rechargeable batteries. In the last 10 years, electric cars become very popular and we believe they are the future of motoring.

With the new charging stations building every day this types of vehicles have never been more available for the public. Today, you can fully charge your EV in less than 30 minutes, but before that, you can travel more than 200 miles without charging.

Did you know that there are more than 220 000 electric vehicles in UK on the road? That is 200 000 more than just 5 years ago.

You all heard about Tesla because it’s the most popular electric car in the world but Vauxhall is coming with Corsa-e – a beautiful, powerful and practical electric car.

Vauxhall Corsa-e comes with 134bhp motor and a 50kWh lithium ion battery that’s good for a range of 211 miles.

If you are interested in electric cars, click on this link and find out more about Corsa-e