Goodwood marks the 40th birthday of the Ford Fiesta as it welcomes the ST200 to the UK


The 2016 Goodwood festival of speed was a memorable weekend for the Ford Fiesta. Not only was it recognized on it’s 40th birthday, but the swansong to current model, the ST200 made its UK debut on the famous hill climb. The special edition 200PS hot hatch has taken a few upgrades from the standard model, including a new paint colour and alloy wheels.

The car was originally released in 1976, and after some long discussions, the name Fiesta was chosen, which the car was aimed at being “the most outstanding small car the world had ever seen”. France and Germany were the first to get their hands behind the wheel, but a year later in 1977, the small hatchback finally hit our showrooms. The MK1 model came in 10 different spec levels, all including front wheel drive and a clever slanted grille, which prevented air from entering the vehicle at high speeds and reducing drag.

The range expended and in only 3 years, Ford had sold over 1 million of the little hatchbacks, and by 1983 the Fiesta was evolving into its MK2 model. The little car has gone from strength to strength and for the past couple of years, topped the top sellers lists. Take a look at the video below to watch the ST200 in action;

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Source – – 27/06/2016

Video – – 27/06/2016