New Transits to get more powerful and fuel efficient engines.


The legendary Ford Transit is selling better than it ever has. It seems that nearly every van on the street is a Transit. The newest Transit and Transit Custom Panel models will now benefit from better driver assists, new infotainment system and a new range of diesel engines. Ford are introducing a 2.0 litre ‘EcoBlue’ diesel engine, which is set to improve fuel efficiency by up to a whopping 13% on the original 2.2 litre diesel unit, leading to a estimated saving of £1,250 over 80,000 miles. Ford reckon the Transit will be able to hit 46.3mpg whilst the Transit Custom Panel could reach an equally impressive 42.2mpg.


The updated dashboards in the new vans

The new power unit will be available with 3 different power outputs; 104bhp, 129bhp and 168bhp all with a start/stop system and Ford claim the new engine will be more flexible and much quieter at 1,250rpm than the previous engines. In addition to the engines, the steering has been adjusted so improve feedback, the rear damper has been tweaked to aid comfort and stability and in late 2016, Ford will be introducing a new ‘SelectShift’ automatic gearbox.

On the inside, you will have the option to install Ford’s Sync2 infotainment and navigation system, with features a 6 inch colour touchscreen display. The standard models will have the improved Sync system which now comes with an enlarged 4 inch screen.

Ford are yet to confirm any prices, but the vans will be available to order from the middle of this year. Take a look at Dees current commercial offers here; Dees Ford Transit Centre


Source – AutoExpress – 26/4/16