The All-New S-max available with Ford’s Impressive Intelligent Speed Limiter


It’s very easy to miss speed limit signs, especially when driving abroad or due to a lapse in concentration¬†or the positioning of the sign. This is a problem you won’t have to worry about with Ford’s all new Intelligent Speed Limiter (ISL) available on the All-New S-Max. The system features a windscreen stereo camera placed in front of the rear view mirror, which scans the road ahead for speed signs, reading them and applying a speed limiter. On top of speed limits, ISL recognizes people and obstructions in the road and can automatically break if warning alarms go responded to.

The All-New S-Max features ISL and is available now

The All-New S-Max features ISL and is available now


ISL will control the amount of fuel the engine management system can give, this all but disables the accelerator pedal and means the driver can not manually speed the vehicle up. When the car drops to a lower limit, ISL then feeds fuel back through and gradually allows the car to drop speed, not applying the brakes at any point, but keeping the speed change is smooth. An over-ride option is available if it is ever needed. The driver can kick the pedal hard to take back control of the speed. ISL comes into it’s own around towns and cities, allowing the driver to feel comfortable with the ever changing speed limits.

ISL is a demonstration of how advanced Ford technology is and a sign of the determination they have to make driving a completely safe and easy task.