New 2017 Qashqai

Its here the new 2017 Qashqai the model has evolved over the years and we are now on 1st Change since model launch in February 2007.

New Nissan Qashqai has:

New Qashqai





hill holder

New parking Brake 

updated steering wheel with different controls

new front face 

new bumpers at the back of the vehicle

a all round camera

push button start(on previous models after 2015 or high spec such as n-connecta and tekna)

keyless entry

New Led Lights

New style of seats

New Shark fin aerial replaces the traditional aerial that can be potentially stolen.


Few Facts about the qashqai Past Years:

when the qashqai was launched they wanted to target drivers who like the SUV style of vehicle.

the qashqai was known as the Dualis and was launched in australia and japan in 2006

100,000 units was sold by December 2007  in europe including the UK

since its facelift in 2010 200,000 more units was sold

Qashqai then Launched the +2 version with more room to carry more passengers since 2013 production stopped on this vehicle

the qashqai uses the same chassis or platform as the x-trail.

the new version in 2010 has led lights added to the front

a new 1.6 dci engine replaced the 2.0 dci engine

nissan added a 360 model which gives a all round camera view this was known as the n-tec

the qashqai is made in Sunderland, UK

its the 10th best selling car in britain since the nissan sunny

nissan was once called DATSUN


come down to Warrington Nissan today to see the vehicle in all its glory!

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Photo’s below of the new nissan qashqai

New Facelift


New Back Bumper

New Seat Style


New Handbrake