Nissan Launches Hybrid System

As bullish as Nissan has been on electric vehicles, Like the Leaf the automaker has been surprisingly noncommittal with respect to hybrids. The halfhearted approach to hybrids may be on the verge of changing at least for the automaker’s small-car models with the introduction of a new Nissan system called e-Power.

The new hybrid powertrain is installed in the latest Japan-spec Nissan Note, in a variant called the Note e-Power that, Nissan says, is the first mass-production compact car ever to be equipped with a series hybrid system.





With e-Power, the wheels are driven only by the electric motor, while a compact Petrol engine in the Note’s case, a 1.2-litre three-cylinder is coupled to a power generator and inverter there is not a charger port. According to Nissan, the e-Power system uses a smaller battery than the Leaf only about 1/20th the size yet it delivers the same driving experience as a fully electric vehicle.

If the battery pack’s capacity is in the vicinity of 1.5 kWh, that’s a respectable energy buffer for any hybrid small car and likely enough to give this model the capability to go a couple of light-load miles at a time, without the engine being started.

Although the approach could deliver some impressive fuel-economy ratings for city driving.

e-power this is how nissan describe how their e-power hybrid will work 


Time will tell on how this will work more details will be released in time.

will you buy a e-power hybrid Nissan??