£20 Million 1939 Alfa Romeo

A rare pre-war 1939 Alfa Romeo is expected to sell at auction for up to £20 Million. The 8C 2900B Lungo Touring Spider which is believed to be one of seven ever made has been called the ultimate Italian sports car of its generation.

The 2900B Lungo has has a 2,905cc, twin-supercharged eight-cylinder engine producing 180bhp which produced a top speed of 110mph.oldalfa

It is claimed that the chassis and engine cost £1,150 in 1939. As with bespoke cars such as Rolls-Royces and Bentleys, buyers would then take their engine and bare chassis to their favoured coachbuilder to create the body. In this case it was Touring of Milan.

Only 32 chassis were made and of those it is believed that 12 are Touring Spiders seven of which are on the long chassis such as this one.

In its day it was one of the most advanced, modern and compelling sports car that money could buy according to auction house RM-Sotheby’s.

Stand-out features include a steeply raked windscreen and grille, with the rear wheels covered by spats for improved aerodynamics.






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