£2m Spent on Personalised Number Plates in the first 24 Hours of Sale


Either love them or hate them, personalised number plates are big business. The DVLA has confirmed that 3576 registrations were sold, totalling an incredible £2 million on the very first day of the new batch of 16 plates. Even more staggering is that the first £1 million was spent within the first 20minutes.  JA16UAR was the very first plate to be sold at a whopping £1,299 (no awards for guessing which car we expect to see this on). Some football fans may be disappointed to know that CH16 SEA and MA16 UTD have also both been snapped on and will be seen on cars from the 1st March 2016.

The new batch of plates bring many different combinations of words, but not all are allowed. Names such as OL16 VER, AL16 SON and RO16 ERT are expected to be picked up in no time. A number of plates have all ready been banned by the DVLA including B16 BUT and many others which I don’t think should be including in this post.

If you are a fan or have a personalised plate, we would love to know your ideal plate or show us what you have all ready.


Source – http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/motorists-spend-2million-new-personalised-6979014 – 10/12/15