Discover Ford All Wheel Drive at Dees of Croydon




This weekend Dees of Croydon will be hosting the Ford Active weekend. This is your chance to discover the new range of Ford Vehicles available with intelligent all wheel drive (iAWD).¬†The Ford Kuga All Wheel Drive and Ford Ranger 4×4 have been best selling Ford all wheel drive vehicles for sometime now; Ford have now expanded the range of cars available with the all wheel drive system to include the 7 Seaters All-New S-Max and Galaxy, the Ford Transit and the Ford Mondeo.

The iAWD system is designed to deliver improved traction and road awd300holding,  particularly useful on UK roads during the winter months when roads can become treacherously slippery with wet, icy and even snowy conditions.

There will also be an opportunity to make some serious savings on our all wheel drive vehicles on the weekend of the 16th to 18th of October.

For more information or to register your interest click here and fill in the form.

Ford Dees of Croydon Ford Active Weekend.