Fiesta ST200 unveiled and will hit UK showrooms in the summer


If you thought the Ford Fiesta ST was hot enough, think again. A Fiesta ST200 has been revealed at the current Geneva Motor Show, confirming rumours from a few months ago of a new hot hatch.

The current 1.6 turbocharged unit has been boosted from 180bhp to 197bhp and torque increased from 180lb ft to 214lb ft. The ST200 overboost feature can also give a 15 second burst of 212bhp and 236bhp. The 0-62mph time has been dropped by 0.2 seconds to 6.7 seconds with the top speed raised ford-fiesta-st200-qwerdfghm-228by 4mph to 143mph, all thanks to a shortened drive ratio through the 6 speed gearbox. On top of the engine modifications, the torque vectoring control and electronic stability control have both been enhanced, the car has been lowered by 15mm, the steering arm shortened and the rear brakes modified. The car has also been stiffened up, to reduce roll and improve handling.

Aesthetically, the new ST is very similar to the current model. New alloy wheels have been fitted and the car is finished in a silvery grey paint job. Other minor features such as red painted brake calipers and different colour seats can be seen.

The ST200 all but eliminates rumours of a Fiesta RS, with Ford saying this car will be the swansong for the current Fiesta; the best selling car of the past year. The Fiesta ST has sold over 30,000 units worldwide, and gained praise from pretty much everyone whoford-fiesta-st200-qwerdfghm-233 has driven one. The ST200 will hit UK showrooms in the summer, but in limited numbers.

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Source – – 29/2/16