Legendary Ford Capri with less than 1,000 miles sells for a staggering £54,000


Dubbed as ‘the car you always promised yourself’, this stunning 1987 Ford Capri 280 ‘Brooklands’ has recently sold for an incredible world record fee of £54,000, £16,000 over the estimate. The ‘showroom’ condition model had covered only 936 miles. The D-registered V6 Capri actually sold for the same price as a lower-end Jaguar E-Type or a brand new F-Type Coupe, and follows the trend of raising auction prices for fast Fords.

The owner of the car had bought it from new from a Mr T Carey, who had purchased it with the aim of keeping it a perfectly preserved 31FB018600000578-3476983-image-a-9_1457428725343original model. After being kept in a strict temperature controlled environment, it was sold at auction in 2011 to it’s current owner, who preserved the car as well as the first owner did.

Originally designed as the Mustang for Europe, the Capri was the car of choice for young executives, TV characters and boy-racers but was arguably made famous by the unforgettable Derek ‘Delboy’ Trotter, thanks to his 1980 lime green Ghia model. Delboy’s car sold at auction in 2013 for £30,000, the tiger print seats, pink ariels and 6 extra lights may have not been to everybody’s tastes.

The Ford Capri was first released in January 1969 and ceased manufacture in 1986. Through the years, it was available in 3 mark stages with a range of 1.3 litres engines, all the way up to a 5.0 litre V8. A total 1038 Capri 280 ‘Brooklands’ editions came out, identical to the model sold at Silverstone auct31DB97C700000578-3476983-The_Ford_Escort_Cosworth_LUX_sold_for_52_875_pricing_boy_racers_-a-13_1457350720090ions. When production stopped, the Capri was not replaced with a direct model, you could say this is fitting due to how iconic the car is and legacy it has created.

Meanwhile at the auction, 1995 Ford Escort RS Cosworth LUX sold for £52,875 and The Ford Escort Mexico sold for £43,875, more than £16,000 above its lower estimate.



Source – http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/cars/article-3476983/The-54-000-Ford-Capri-Classic-s-just-936-miles-record-sale.html – 11/3/16