MX5 Punks at Mazda HQ

Over 50 MX5’s descended on Mazda HQ in Dartford on Saturday, which certainly made for a very impressive display of a spectrum of modified roadsters!

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The meet was organised by the Kent based group, the MX5 Punks, led by James and Lola (Miata enthusiasts alike) who teamed up with the marketing team at Mazda’s head office. The turn out was much bigger than originally expected, with convoys of convertibles travelling from all over the south of England (making for spectacular Mazda filled motorways). Mazda being welcoming as ever opened the entire HQ car park (which was filled very quickly), the showroom under the HQ and put on a selection of food and drink for their visitors.

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Steve Bird and James Butcher of Mazda Motors UK put on a great morning for everyone, with a quick speech on Mazda current range and mentioning their contribution to Goodwood Festival of Speed last year and this one coming. With this on everyone’s mind, they surprised the crowd, by giving a pair of tickets to Lola and James for the organisation of the meet. It didn’t stop there, on arrival that morning, Steve and James asked everyone for their name, and continued to surprise the crowd with their generosity by announcing this was for a raffle. They presented 18 – yes eighteen – of the lucky Mx5 drivers from the crowd, also with a pair of tickets for the Goodwood festival of speed! (so expect to see a fair few of the Punks cars in the car park if you’re attending this year)

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What makes a MX5 meet so appealing to everyone, is hugely down to the amount or originality in the personally touches and modifications to each vehicle. There were original motors with subtle touches of class, freshly resprayed-OCD clean-show cars, right up to track-spec tarmac destroyers, something for everyone to enjoy, and everyone wondering what they could do next and take from each other as inspiration; Much of the morning being taken up, drooling over each and every one.

13227715_986774781417770_6948304217899924362_o 13247685_986774984751083_4965232764556138925_o

If you too are a fan of the ever-popular roadster head over to the punks page on Facebook and introduce yourself.

With summer approaching, the perfect time for treating yourself to the MX5 lifestyle would be now –