The Very First ‘Moving’ 2nd Generation Ford GT to be Sold



The Ford GT, arguably the greatest looking car of all time to wear the famous blue oval (with possible exception to the original GT40) will go down in history as one of Ford’s biggest hits. Now one lucky person can own a piece of history, as ‘Confirmation Prototype 1’ (CP-1) is set to be sold, and at a price that will be.


The interior features the airbags from a Mustang, see the Logo?

Originally sold in 2008, CP-1 the 4th GT to be built but the very first 2nd generation GT to be fitted with it’s own powertrain and interior, although the speed isn’t quite as impressive as what could be achieved from the final 5.4l v8 unit that came as standard in the finished editions. The 2008 sale saw a 5mph speed limited chip added but speed isn’t everything in a car as unique as this. A rear clamshell made of carbonfibre was also added to the prototype, and due to costs, was never fitted to the finished article. On the inside the airbags have been taken from a Mustang, the steering column from a Windstar MPV, and 2 switches have been fitted to allow switching fuel graded easier (a common sight on a prototype car).

The finishing touch to a truly special piece of automotive history are the signatures of Carroll Shelby, Bill Ford and chief designer Camillo Pardon, none of which I think need any introduction.


Source – – 6/1/15

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