Why the new Fiat 500S is more than just a city car



For some time now – 117 years, to be precise – Fiat has continually been at the top of the automotive style game, from its roots in Turin to the five-story Lingotto plant, through to the Fiat 500 and now with the impressively sporty Fiat 500S.

Designed as a ‘city car’, the Fiat 500 – named after the eponymous 1957 500, nicknamed Bambino – is now one of the ultimate city drives. Its slender frame and mobility lends itself perfectly to the madness of metropolis – small turns and tight roads included – to the point where it has become a regular sight in cities around the world.


With a little less Bambino and a little more velocità, the new Fiat 500S continues that legacy: an ideal situation for those looking to shake things up a bit when it comes to their next set of wheels. On first impressions, it’s suitably sportier – a hallmark of Italian automotive style – more contoured and has contrasted details alluding to a very untamed car .

It’s all a very contemporary revival, where tinted windows, new sports bumpers, top rear spoiler and special sporting side-skirts all feature. But, the devil is in the details – where the door handles, tailgate, mirror covers and 15-inch alloys are painted with Fiat’s obsessively-cool Satin Graphite finish. There’s a chance to have a splash of colour too, where the Fiat 500S can be customised according to Fiat’s colour palette with 10 shades including the exclusive Electronica Blue and Marching Green


Step inside and the hits keep on coming. Place yourself in the black sport seats and you’ll notice the black roof lining cascading downwards towards the dashboard, where the same Satin Graphite finish from the exterior adds a cool touch to the ambiance. The finish of the interior is down to you – it can be trimmed in Frau leather or with white, yellow or blue details for a splash of something different. After all, that’s exactly what the new Fiat 500S is about – new alternatives.

When it comes to connectivity, the seven-inch Uconnect™ touchscreen runs the show. A high-resolution display that comes as standard, offers a range of functions, including voice recognition, USB connectivity, DAB radio and – if upgraded – a 3D navigation system and Beats™ Audio system. A seven-speaker system uses a digital amplifier and algorithms to emulate the atmosphere of the recording room. Handy, then, when you’re looking for an even more immersive experience.


The new Fiat 500S has, undoubtedly, got the performance, the tech and the style. But, what about the cost? It can be on the road from £12,950 and – with Fiat’s eco:Drive system – the car’s fuel consumption can be checked in real-time. Your wallet will thank you.