Timewarp 1979 Ford Escort goes to Auction

FordEscortGhiaThis Ford Escort 1.6 Ghia was top of the range when it was released, featuring luxurious velour seats, wood effect trim inside and the iconic vinyl roof! The car was originally sold to the owner in London, who bought it to travel to his holiday home in the country. A few years later, the car was sold to a local garage, where the car was kept in excellent condition for over 30 years! Then in 2013, the car was sold to a private collector, and now currently sits with a grand total of 3745 miles on the clock!

The car is being sold by Classic Car Auctions, at the Warwickshire Exhibition Centre, close to Leamington Spa on the 18th June, where it is expected to sell for between £9,000 and £11,000.

Recently a classic Ford Capri that starred in the TV show The Professionals, which sold for a record £55,000 in April.


Source: http://ow.ly/AASA300pqt9

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