10 Reasons to Service Your Vehicle Regularly

When it comes to costs associated with cars, a service can be one that makes you feel a bit hard done by. It’s not a legal essential, but you are obliged by law to keep your car roadworthy. Here are our top reasons to keep your car serviced.

You can avoid expensive engine failures and subsequent repairs

Oil changes are the most common part of servicing. If your oil isn’t regularly changed it can build up as sludge that will harm your engine. If your engine fails, you’ll end up paying far more for a repair than you would for a service.

Helps maintain or increase fuel economy

Having your engine serviced can increase fuel economy and reduce emissions, meaning you’ll save money and also have less of an impact on the environment.

Keeps your tyres tip-top

It can be easy to forget about the condition of your tyres, but a service will check the tread to ensure you meet legal requirements and will also ensure you’ve got no punctures or potentially disastrous faults.

Makes sure your brakes are healthy

As a driver, the number one thing between you and accidents are your brakes. A service checks the brake fluid and other things that may be beyond your expertise, ensuring your brakes work properly and are brought back up to par if they don’t – keeping you safe when you’re driving.

It helps maintain the value of your car

If a car isn’t in good condition with a full service history it will affect the resale value. A car is one of life’s biggest investments – so protect it by getting regular services.

It puts a far more experienced pair of eyes on your vehicle

While we often encourage self-repairs for small car issues such as changing lights or wiper blades, it’s important to have someone with the right technical knowledge look over your car. They’ll spot things you won’t and they’ll be able to repair things you can’t.

Your car insurance claims can be impacted without services

If you’re unlucky enough to be in an accident and your vehicle is declared a total loss, your pre-accident value can be lowered by not having a service history, meaning you can lose out on a claim.

Preventing wear and tear

Cars are complex machines that degrade over time. Servicing can help lubricate your car and keep it in good working order, which in turn helps the safety and performance of the vehicle.

Steering and suspension checks

Steering is another vital element when operating your vehicle. It can be hard to detect problems yourself, with issues like your tracking being off. A service helps keep your steering and suspension in tip-top shape to prevent problems.

A service accomplishes things your MOT doesn’t.  

While your MOT is primarily for spotting errors, a service helps keep your car running smoothly to avoid future issues. While they might be an expense you haven’t budgeted for, it’s clear that you need to get your car serviced.