Could we really see Electric Cars ruling the roads in only 10 years?


Motoring experts are strongly predicting that electric cars would out sell petrol and diesel vehicles by 2027 and eventually spelling the end of convention fuel by 2040. The current trend shows that 1.3 million electric cars will be registered in 2027, which will account for more than half the total market.

The first influx of EV cars arrived in 2011, when the government revealed the plug-in car grant. This figure has risen each year and in 2015, 28,000 cars were delivered to customers driveways. So far in 2016, an electric vehicle has been bought every 13 minutes, meaning that this year is set to break more records. The figures prove that electricity is on it’s way, and with improving technology and battery life, the 2027 prediction looks realistic.


Source – – 04/07/2016

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