Ford’s tested to the limit one of ‘the World’s Worst Roads’


Potholes are becoming a real issue causing punctures, suspension issues, wheel damage and other breakdowns all over the country for many unfortunate motorists. The RAC claimed that in 2015, they responded to 25,000 pothole related incidents, a 25% rise on the previous year.


The road contains of mix of surfaces from all around the world

Ford have created a 1.2 mile stretch of road at belguim’s 50 mile Lommel Proving Ground filled with potholes to give¬†guarantee their cars can cope with the pressure of hitting these concrete menaces. The new Ford cars are driven down the road at 50mph with sensors similar to those with record earthquakes monitor the strain on the suspension.

To concor Ford’s obsession with preventing pothole damage, they mentioned the importance of their Continuous Control Damping with Pothole Mitigation technology. The clever system is aware of when the wheel has hit a pothole and then adjusts the suspension to reduce the effect of the impact. Ford also make emphasis on their own tyre pressure monitoring system, which makes the driver aware of any punctures.


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Source –¬†The Mirror – Ford Pothole Road – 25/4/16