Motorists can spend the equivalent of two days a year sitting at red traffic lights.. On average you lose eight minutes a day waiting for green, and in places in the UK you could even spend as long as to 15 minutes stuck at the lights! The number of lights on Britain’s roads has jumped by 23% to 33,800 in just three years. And research shows a third of drivers have got fed up and run a red signal.

Nobody likes waiting at the lights.. But the risk of driving through a red light can outweigh the benefits. Rushing through a red light can cause problems for drivers and pedestrians alike. And getting caught can cause problems for your insurance.  And almost 1/5 people who risked it have been caught. Being late or not realising the colours had changed were the two main reasons for going through red.

London Traffic Lights

The Most common pass times are: Adjusting the car radio or air con, grabbing a snack, singing to the radio and even picking noses! London has the most traffic lights by far with 6,297 sets of lights! Followed by Blackpool with 2,420 and after that is Manchester with 2,292..

Our advice is to ensure you choose a car you can be comfortable, entertained and the right temperature to be relaxed while stuck in traffic.. And at Bolton Motorpark we can help you choose the right Car for you.