How to drive through floodwater


Bad Decision Making

As you may have seen in the news recently flash flooding has hit the South London area with many cars being badly damaged if not destroyed as a result of some very bad decisions being taken by the drivers.

Many cars with the exception of some SUVs and off-roaders have their air intakes mounted very low down. Imagine your air intake being like a vacuum cleaner, it’s constantly sucking in air to aid the combustion process in your engine, if it sucks in any water even a couple of table spoons worth this can spell absolute catastrophe for your engines internals.

How to negotiate flood Water.

Do not enter moving flood water, you would be surprised just how easily slow moving shallow water can carry your car away.

Do not enter standing flood water over 4 inches deep,  too put that in perspective that is probably slightly smaller than your smartphone.  Remember it takes only a small amount of water to completely destroy an engine.

If the water is still and shallow enough to attempt to cross allow oncoming traffic to pass first. Drive slowly and steadily, but keep in first gear to keep your revs high, keeping your revs high keeps the water from entering your exhaust and causing costly catalytic converter damage.

Do Not attempt to drive to fast through standing water:

  • Driving fast may cause your front wheels to aquaplane thus loosing the ability to steer.
  • Driving inconsiderately though standing water can result in a fine and 3 – 9 points on your driving license.
  • Driving too fast can result in expensive damage as you increase the chance of water being sucked into the engine.


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