The Motorparks Guide on How To Clean A Car

Getting your hands on a new car isn’t just a day for excitement; it’s also a day for commitment. You’ll have to put time in cleaning and maintaining your new motor to keep it in tip top shape. Whether you’ve bought new or used, cleaning a car is a must.

Knowing exactly how to clean a car is a little more complicated. From driving through a puddle to motoring around with kids in your car, a vehicle can pick up crumbs and dirt without you realizing. You’ll need a plan of attack when cleaning day comes around.

Exterior cleaning

You’ll need a bucket, sponge, towel, hosepipe (optional), car wax and polish.
1. Rinse your car off with cold water using a hosepipe or a few buckets or water.
2. Use a sponge and hot soapy water to clean down the entire outer surface of your car. Save the wheel trims/alloys till last as they’ll make your sponge dirty. Swap for a new sponge if it’s too filthy.
3. Rinse the car again with a hosepipe or some buckets of clean water.
4. Scrub your wheels with a brush and use wheel cleaner if you have it. Rinse down again.
5. Towel the car dry.
6. Apply your polish with a buffer pad. A clockwise motion helps apply it evenly.
7. After polishing, you can apply car wax to add a degree of protection.

Glass cleaning

Cleaning your windshield and windows is a special science to itself. Getting them to sparkle takes a bit of specialist care.
1. Find a specific glass cleaning solution. Avoid ammonia-containing sprays if you’re cleaning the interior of your windshield too.
2. Wash your windshield with water before applying any solution. Don’t scrub too hard and use horizontal or vertical motions to help loosen any dirt.
3. Use your cleaning solution on one side of a microfiber towel. Clean with long, broad strokes.
4. Allow the glass to dry naturally.
5. Ensure you’ve wiped down your wiper blades or have them replaced if they’re too dirty.

Interior cleaning

You’ll need a portable vacuum cleaner, a microfiber cloth and a stiff scrubbing brush.
1. Start with your seats and scrub any dirt off onto the carpet.
2. Remove the floor mats and hoover them. Use a stiff brush to dislodge any stubborn dirt.
3. Use a soft brush attachment to vacuum the air vents, center console and doors.
4. Use an upholstery cleaner on any stains on your seats and scrub them away.
5. If you have a leather interior, use a specially formulated leather cleaner.
6. Glass on the inside of your car should be cleaned with a clean microfiber cloth and non-ammonia spray.