Paris bans older cars in first steps to lowering pollution levels


From 1st July, Paris will officially ban pre 1997 cars from the city centre although classic cars registered over 30 years will still be able to drive the centre’s streets. The restrictions will limit entry for drivers between 8am and 8pm on weekdays and is expected to effect 10% of the capital’s cars. The French media has been quoted in saying that the restrictions will get tougher, and by 2020, only private cars registered after 2011 and motorcycles registered after July 2015 will be granted entry. A pro-driver campaign group has claimed that the new rules could see 3 million cars scrapped, partly thanks to a suggested government incentive, which could see customers receiving up to €10,000 for swapping their old diesel car into a new electric vehicle.

5 years ago Berlin took a similar approach to the French system by banning higher polluting cars, and Norway has set a target of 2025 to be fully electric. All this combined, it is clearly shown that electric cars are the future, but their is a lot of work to go before these cars become a common sight.

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Source – – 28/06/2016