The Benefits of Owning a Small Car

Benefits of Owning a Small Car

Here at Motorparks, we understand that there are many reasons why you may consider downsizing your car.

Those with a family might look into this option if their kids have now grown up, passed their driving test and have bought their own cars — no need to drive your child and their friends to and from school or to their sports training sessions then.

Instead, you might have looked into your monthly expenditure and come to the conclusion that your current vehicle is costing far too much to run.

Whatever the reason, if the thought of downsizing your car has crossed your mind then we advise you look into the small car market. After all, there are a number of benefits to owning one of these nifty vehicles:

Small cars are fuel efficient

Due to them being more compact than many other types of vehicles, small cars are often also designed with smaller engines. As a result, they tend to offer better fuel efficiency — a welcome relief considering the costs of petrol and diesel and fuel stations these days.

Small cars are good for the environment

Tied into the last point, the fact that you will be using less fuel while out on the road also means that the vehicles give off fewer emissions into the environment compared to bulkier cars.

Small cars will reduce the rate of vehicle tax you pay

The rate of vehicle tax in the UK is set as a result of your car’s engine size, fuel type and CO2 emissions. In short, the lower the emissions, the lower your vehicle’s tax will be. Small cars typically fall into the lower and cheaper tax bands.

Small cars are easy to maneuver

Small cars boast interior volumes that measure in as low as 100 cubic feet. With such a compact vehicle, driving around busy city centres and along narrow streets will be a lot less stressful. These small dimensions make performing maneuvers like parallel parking and U-turns a lot easier too.

Sold on the benefits of small cars? Be sure to browse our collection of new and used cars and find nimble and stylish small cars from well-known manufacturers like Mazda, Ford, Vauxhall and Renault. There’s sure to be something to suit you in our huge range.