2017 Honda Civic at the paris motor show – a talk with Chief Engineer and Principal Designer

2017 Honda Civic at the Paris Motor Show – a talk with Chief Engineer and Principal Designer


Chief Engineer Mitsuru Kariya

Principal Designer Daisuke Tsutamori

 This is what The Chief Engineer and Principal Designer has to say about the brand new Civic coming out in 2017:


  • The 2017 Civic comes as standard with Honda sensing, safety package
  • It is designed to match and surpass any of its premium European competitors.
  • “Dynamic performance gives you confidence while driving, a feeling of security. It all comes down to the balance and stance of the car. The purpose of a car is driving. So if you don’t do driving dynamics to a very high level, you’ve somehow failed to make a car,” says Civic Chief Engineer Mitsuru Kariya.
  • The key to a good car is body accuracy, the precision in the steel body of a car,” says David McDonald, who oversees production of the Civic in Swindon. “If you want the car to go in a straight line, if you want it to stop smoothly, the doors to shut beautifully and everything to be wind- and noise-proof then it is essential that body accuracy is high. And we are passionate about that,” he explains.
  • Fact the window sealant is strong enough where you can lift the whole care by its windscreen – The sealant for the rear and front screen accounts for 20 per cent of the car’s rigidity
  • It’s all robots that make the car, in fact it’s mostly us humans.
  • Completely different car – all that remains  the same in the new Civic is the name and the Honda badge. The platform, the powertrains, the proportions and the design are all new.
  • The very first Civic was famous for it’s engine so what can we expect from the 2017 engine – …as you’d expect from Honda, it comes with pretty nifty engines, too. Numbers only tell half the story – yes, the new turbo-charged 1.0l and 1.5l petrol engines get more performance out of less. But they’ve also been designed for maximum responsiveness, even at low revs. You get maximum torque early on, and the torque curve remains on the same high plateau. In other words: You don’t have to put the pedal to the metal to get plenty of oomph, which is great for the environment.
  • Spacious car with 478L of boot capacity, as the new Civic is wider longer and lower, offering more headroom, legroom and width. (The ‘man maximum, machine minimum’ principle. Honda gives people as much space as possible by making the tech bits as small as possible.)