The All New Ford Mondeo

Ford has today unveiled the all-new Mondeo, to coincide with the launch of the American version at the Detroit Motor Show.

America’s car is called the Fusion – no relation to our Fusion. Despite the differing name, it’s actually another Ford ‘global’ car, meaning it’s exactly the same as Europe’s Mondeo.

So, despite the picture you see here being the official European car, due in early 2013, we don’t know a great deal about it; all the drivetrain and specification we have today relates to the Fusion. Market requirements mean that engines and trim vary from country to country.

But because we know that the Fusion will be launched with a hybrid, and that it’s built on a chassis capable of taking a 4×4 drivetrain, Europe is likely to get those. The Fusion hybrid can travel at speeds up to 62mph on electric power alone – twice that of the Toyota Prius.

Ford promises the best cabin quality ever, meaning the fourth generation Mondeo will come even closer to the BMW 3 Series to which we always compare it. It is longer and taller, for greater rear head- and legroom, although it is a little narrower, so it should be easier to park.

Technology will feature heavily, which is to say that Ford will, as with the Focus, push the car’s raft of interesting safety and convenience technology from launch. Kit includes a lane keeping system, self-parking, adaptive cruise control, and a cutting edge touch screen infotainment system. Ford’s MyKey will feature too, limiting the speed the car can be driven at, among other things.

Class-leading CO2 emissions are promised, and although the engine lineup is a long way from being confirmed, we can guess:1.6- and 2.0-litre EcoBoost petrol engines and diesels of the same capacity, closely related to today’s range, although with much improved economy and performance.

The European Mondeo is due to be properly launched at the Geneva Motor Show in March, at which point we’ll get a few headline figures, no doubt.

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