80% Off Groupon Offer at Swindon Motorpark – Car MOT and Spruce & Shine – Extended for 24hrs only!

Car MOT and Spruce and Shine for £25 with Motorparks (£124.84 Value)

Rock ‘n’ roll was invented by mischievous cavemen who pushed boulders down hillsides. Spin your wheels in style with today’s Groupon: £25 instead of £124.84 for a standard UK MOT and spruce & shine with Motorparks.

As a respected member of the Swindon community, Motorparks has long provided expert care for sad cars needing some mechanical attention or simply fancying a perk. Motorised wagons experience spa-like pampering, delivered at an efficient speed granted by the team’s brawn and brains. The garage gurus welcome vehicles of all makes and models, as well as all varieties of fluffy dice.

Groupon holders can ensure road running safety with a standard UK MOT Eagle eyed examiners will subject vehicles to a series of tests, checks and times table quizzes. Once the inner workings have been brought into line, the vehicle will be given the PR treatment. A full service valet will give the outer body a bubble bath, encouraging shy colours to brighten up, and the interior will get a makeover, exfoliating tired carpets and dusty dashboards.

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Dorcan Way, Swindon SN3 3RA