A gift guide for car-enthusiastic dads

Father’s Day is just around the corner, taking place on Sunday June 18th. Struggling to find that perfect gift for your dad? Not to worry — if he is enthusiastic about his cars, we have plenty of ideas to make him happy…

For the dad who…is always losing his keys

Is it like Groundhog Day in your home, with your dad always hunting high and low for his car keys?

Relieve the stress from your old man by getting him a handy Key Finder. When he whistles, a beeping noise activates, helping him find his keys again in no time. The Key Finder is available to buy on PrezzyBox.com by clicking here.

For the dad who…dreams to be a race driver

How thrilled would your dad be if he had the opportunity to tear up the tarmac in something as amazing as a Lamborghini, a Ferrari or an Aston Martin? If you’re feeling particularly generous this Father’s Day, you could always buy him a brand-new Aston Martin. If not, a more than worthy alternative gift would be a driving experience day whereby he can get an idea of what it’s like to race some of the world’s most awe-inspiring cars around a selection of the country’s best race tracks. Check out the selection of experience days that GettingPersonal.co.uk has available here to find the perfect gift for your dad.

For the dad who…is obsessed with the future

If you were to believe the Sci-Fi films of yesteryear, we would have all been getting from A to B in flying cars by now.

Technology hasn’t exactly got to this point of advancement yet, but if your dad’s dream is to own a flying car you can always put him one step towards this goal by purchasing him a Syma X9 Flying Car.

This nimble gadget can alternative between driving and flying modes with ease and is sure to give your old man hours and hours of fun. Just make sure he keeps his wheels on the road when he’s back driving his normal car! The Syma X9 Flying Car can be ordered at RED5 now through this link.

For the dad who…you want to give reassurance that all is well with his car Has your dad expressed concern that his beloved car may be past its best? Book the car in for a service to give him the peace of mind that everything is fine with his motor, or at least get any faults rectified.

By getting your car serviced with Motorparks, you will not only have one of our specialists check over all the important components but also receive a money back guarantee, a local price match guarantee and the convenient option of booking in an overnight service if required.

Whatever your Father’s Day plans, we hope your dad has a wonderful day celebrating!