A new edition of the Jeep Wrangler will be unveiled at the L.A. Auto Show. 140464-jeep w 1

Wranglers are notoriously rugged due to their heritage from WWII and are normally in more aggressive / military themed colours such as black, red and even desert tan. However the new Backcountry special edition which is basically a Sahara with a few extras will come in ‘Xtreme Purple’ when it is released in 2016.

Jeep-Wrangler-Backcountry-5 jeep2The Backcountry will have 17-inch black-  painted wheels,  laser-patterned decals and, its purple paint option.

The Backcountry is aimed at people who live in the country,  while the other vehicle to be  shown at the show, the Grand  Cherokee SRT Night is meant to attract city dwellers.