All-New Insignia Revealed by Vauxhall

Vauxhall have released the first pictures of their new flagship Insignia ahead of its full world premiere next year.

The flagship will be dubbed the Insignia Grand Sport and be a complete refresh over the previous model.  New styling, technology and features revolutionise the model that has been a popular choice for UK drivers.

One of the key areas of improvement will be efficiency. Much like the new Astra, the new Insignia Grand Sport will shed 175kg thanks to new lightweight materials allowing for further MPG and performance increases.

“Vauxhall is raising its game even further with the launch of the new Insignia Grand Sport,” said Rory Harvey, Vauxhall’s Chairman and Managing Director. ““It has all of the virtues of its successful smaller brother the Astra, and takes those to a higher level. The Insignia Grand Sport will set new standards for design, efficiency, technology and connectivity when it debuts next year at the Geneva Motor Show.”

Vauxhall’s Monza concept has provided the inspiration for the Insignia’s new aerodynamic, premium look. “In its proportions as well as in each detail, we wanted the new Insignia Grand Sport to deliver an upscale quality feel,” said Brit Mark Adams, Vauxhall/Opel Vice President Design Europe. “Its design combines flowing lines and subtle surfaces with crisp, precise lines to exaggerate its dramatic proportions: it looks longer, lower and wider than it actually is, and it definitely looks upscale. Every design feature conveys technical know-how and the utmost precision. The new Insignia Grand Sport is an excellent value proposition with the aura of a car from the premium, upper class.”

The Insignia Grand Sport will be fully unveiled at next year’s Geneva Motor Show in March.