Are buses set to go all electric?


We are constantly hearing about electric taking over from petrol and diesel in the car industry, but what about other forms of transport? Well, american company Proterra have just revealed the E2, a fully electric bus quoted as being “the highest performing bus on the roads.”

Proterra claim the bus has an average range of 350 miles, but under testing, the vehicle achieved almost double this, a stat higher than the majority of today’s electric cars. Fitted with the largest available battery pack producing 600kWh, the bus isn’t what you’d call rapid, with a 0-20mph of 6.8 seconds, slightly less impressive than market leading Tesla’s Model S P100D which can hit 60mph in less than half the time. The E2 can go on to reach 65mph, and will probably be a lot quieter than it’s diesel equivalent.

Check out the E2 in action;

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Source – – 13/09/2016

Video – – 13/09/2016