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Aston Martin Vanquish

Aston Martin was founded 100 years ago, and the new Vanquish symbolises the start of the next 100 years. Vanquish is the ultimate expression of what Aston Martin do best, and continues an unparalleled lineage of Aston Martin Sporting Grand Tourers and mixes beautiful design with cutting edge technology.

The Aston Martin Vanquish is underpinned with the VH platform generation 4, (Vertical/Horizontal platform) based on the carbon architecture found in the One-77. It uses far more carbon fibre in its design than previous VH Chassis and it, in turn, will be used as a basis for all new Aston Martins in the years to come, enabling Astons to continually evolve and adapt in response to all customer needs, legislative changes and the global market place in which all the cars will be sold.

Vanquish has been engineered to offer comfort, refinement, luxury and usability blended with unquestionable power, performance and agility. To create this, the car has been examined in every single aspect of the VH technology architecture to ensure the engineering solutions are wholly appropriate to the needs of the car and driver.

The successor to the Aston Martin DBS, Vanquish is the new top of the range car that offers enhanced performance delivered through the weight saving of the full carbon fibre bodywork, as well as the increased power from the next generation of naturally aspirated 6.0ltr V12, delivering 565 bhp at 6750 rpm and 620 Nm torque at 5500 rpm. This equates to 94 bhp/litre at 6750 rpm, in spite of the engine fuel consumption reduction of c. 10%.

The first cars are expected to arrive later this year, ready for the first deliveries early 2013.

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