Auto Express Wowed by MX5

The day is looming for the release of the latest MX5 in the uk, and one question people are constantly asking is; 2.0 litres or 1.5?? The brand new SkyActive 1.5 engine has got of lot of people very excited, keeping the power down to a refined 131 BHP. Since being the first engine to have been put through its paces, not only are we  very excited to drive one ourselves, we also want to know what the press make of the new 2.0 litre 158 BHP. Well, AutoExpress can tell us what they think and have given it the massive thumbs up and a huge 5 Star rating…

“The extra performance, equipment and value that the 2.0-litre model brings probably makes it the MX-5 to go for. It offers up that added urgency when you need it most, and only serves to enhance all the exhilarating thrills for which this roadster made its name. It’s little wonder so few manufacturers have attempted to challenge the MX-5, but based on what Mazda has developed, they wouldn’t stand a chance.”
Pre-orders are still being taken, and test drives are being booked for the release weekend now at Invicta Motors Mazda Maidstone.
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