BBC2 Sunday May 29th 8pm: The Return of Top Gear


Well after months of anticipation Top Gear returns to our TV screens this evening. Series 23 Episode 1 will feature an all new team of presenters after the departure of Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond had previously made the BBC series essential must-see TV.

Fans of the show seem to be divided as to whether the new team can ever match up to the lofty of heights of success that their predecessors achieved; but the wait is over and tonight at 8pm the viewing public will get to find out.

Tonight in Episode 1 of TopGear:

Sabine Schmitz and Chris Evans will go  head to head in Nevada the home of Top Gun as they battle to see whether the Dodge Viper ACR or Chevrolet Corvette Z06 has more muscle. Matt LeBlanc hits the off-road deserts of Morocco to test the manic British built Ariel Atom Nomad.

Back in good ol’ blighty, Evans and LeBlanc face a series of challenges in roofless Robin Reliant’s in a UK verses USA battle for international honour!

Special guests in the studio will be TV celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey and Social Network star Jesse Eisenberg.

So set your alarms for 8pm BBC2 #TopGear Returns!