Bloodhound Land Speed Record car to begin initial tests in October!

Britain’s 1000MPH Bloodhound SSC land speed record challenger car is set to begin initial velocity tests in October this year. Wing Commander Andy Green, will take the helm of the car as it will attempt to reach speeds of 200mph on the main runway at Newquay airport, bring to a close a month of finalizing tests to the car’s steering, brakes, suspension, data systems and electronics.

If the Newquay test is successful, the Bloodhound will be shipped over to a purpose built 11 mile track. in South Africa where Green will have 2 runs and hopefully hit 800mph, beating his previous record of 763.065mph set in the Thrust SSC in 1997. In 2018, the Bloodhound team aim to hit their target of 1000mph.


Source – – 14/06/2017