Cambria Automobiles ‘Engage’ Conference

We are off and running at the Cambria Automobiles ‘Engage’ Conference 2018.

‘engage’ – occupy or attract (someone’s interest or attention). The theme of today’s Cambria Automobiles conference

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We will focus on Associate and Guest Engagement to improve the service we offer to all our guests in our dealerships moving forward

Our new Product Geniuses at our Motorparks and Grange dealerships will give our guests a world-class shopping experience. We will aim to reply to all our guests with a personalised video like this:

Changing our G.A.M.E – Guest, Associate, Management, Engage. A new program to train our teams to be more engaged with our guests and embrace our systems to do that so we move forward

Thank you to all our partners and sponsors to today – we really appreciate your support and look forward to engaging with you over the next 12 months and beyond #cambriaengage18 @AutoTrader_UK @marketingdel @Calldrip_TeamUK @Calltracks @gard_x @TheAACars

Actually… Engage.