Cambria Marathon Men – London and Paris

Malcolm Lowrey from Invicta Tunbridge Wells ran the Paris Half Marathon.

Malcolm first started running about 20 years ago and ran lots of half marathons and 10k races until he reached the ripe old age of 50. He stopped at this time as he was involved in running a football team as well as playing badminton and Table Tennis.

Ten years later his village set up a running club and Malcolm decided to join with his partner Annette as beginner. Subsequently what was once a small village club has now opened 6 outlets throughout the area and is the biggest running club in Kent with over 500 members.

Malcolm gradually built up his running and started to run longer distances with the long term goal of running in a half marathon.

His son Andrew who lives and works in Paris, is a Triathlon athlete, invited him to run the Paris Half Marathon.

So following many months of training and on a hot and sunny day in Paris they completed the course together. Malcolm says his time of 2 hours and 20 minutes was slower than he had hoped but it was more about running with his son and he feels an amazing sense of pride that at the age of 62 he achieved his ambition.

He now seems to have caught the bug as he is now planning to run the Paddock Wood Half Marathon in March, he says he feels fitter than ever and hopes to continue for many years to come.


James Mullins, Cambria Finance Director ran the London Marathon, below are his words.

“First, and Last Marathon…

Sometimes things seem like a good idea when you decide to do them, and that is exactly how I felt in May 2014 when I decided to put myself forward for a charity place in the 2015 Virgin London Marathon.

Running the Marathon is something that I have always wanted to have a go at and when friends of mine completed it in 2014 I was inspired to “do it” rather than watch it on TV. I filled in the forms and was fortunate enough to get a place, raising money for CLIC Sargent, a fantastic charity raising money for and supporting families with children undergoing cancer treatment.

In May 2014 I was a regular weekend runner doing 10k most Sunday mornings. Pretty quickly I realised I needed to up the mileage, and I realised how hard it gets when you start getting towards the 10 mile distances and upwards.

Training heading up to Christmas was fine, I was making good progress getting up to 15 miles before the New Year. In February, I suffered a bit of an injury set back when I pulled my calf muscle which put me out from training for a month. Once I had recovered enough to run again, I was playing catch up on the training and doing upwards of 10 miles was a real chore but I just had to get my head down and slog it out so that I could have a chance on the day.

The day was amazing, heading towards the start line with a massive buzz of excitement and healthy dose of fear. The crowds were 4/5 deep most of the way round and noise and support was incredible. I ran the first half really comfortably in 1h 55 min and when I see the photo of me running past the Cutty Sark I have fond memories of the day. The second half of the marathon was a different story and the photos of me passing Big Ben in a walk/trot combination simply remind me of the utter pain, and they are all that I need to remind me not to be so daft again.

I eventually finished the Marathon in 4h 35 min and walked like John Wayne for about 3 days after. Thanks to amazing support from friends, family and colleagues we raised £3,560 for CLIC Sargent. Completing the Marathon is a memory I will never forget, and those last 6 miles will remain with me for some years to come…”