Ford KA Zetec Body Styling Packs

When the brand new Ford Ka was unveiled last year, many commentators remarked that it had some very big (yet ironically, quite small) shoes to fill. The previous incarnation of the Ford Ka had proved itself to be immensely popular with automotive critics and the public alike. The affordable price tags, quirky styling and economical motoring put a tick in every box for small hatchback enthusiasts. When Ford announced a successor to the Ka, the anticipation was almost palpable; could Ford do the impossible and better their previous design? From the moment the concept photographs were released, everybody who doubted the new Ka could better its predecessor were rightfully silenced.

However, when the original Ka was released approximately 13 years ago, the hatchback market was very different to the saturated monster it is today. It seems that every single car manufacturer in the entire world has released their take on the ultimate supermini these days, where as back in the nineties there was much less competition around. Despite sharing a platform, the new Ka is going up against the immensely popular Fiat 500, as well as the other mainstays in the affordable hatchback market, such as the VW Fox, Fiat Panda, Vauxhall Corsa and the Honda Jazz. This little Ford Ka has a few tricks up its sleeve to ensure that it stands out from the crowd.

Like all modern Ford models, the new Ka is available with various trim levels, but this is definitely not where the personalized element of buying this car ends. There are three different design styles you can choose from to make sure that your Ford Ka model stands out from the crowd. These “Ford Individual” personalisation packs include Grand Prix, Tattoo and Digital, each adding a wonderful element of character to the car.

The Tattoo is a pearlescent white finish replete with swirling designs reminiscent of body tattoo art., The Digital matches high contrast green with pitch black to make it look like something from the film Tron and the Grand Prix pack adds a chequered flag motif for the more racing-inclined amongst us. Overall the designs are very eye-catching and have transformed the already interesting looking Ford Ka, into a vehicle that really demands to be noticed.

This isn’t a new trick though. The new Fiat 500 comes with a wealth of patterns and stripes available for the more fashion conscience car buyer amongst us. It has to be said that the designs of the Ford Ka personalization packs really go above and beyond in terms of stylistic endeavour. If you wish to stay anonymous whilst you are cruising around town then it would be best to avoid these decor designs; conspicuous they are not.

However, the Ford Ka has always been a fresh and funky car young people, so the addition of these designs to the Ka range are guaranteed to prove popular and further increase the little Ford’s marketability to the younger market. I wouldn’t expect to see your Granny driving one though.