Could autonomous vehicles really cut traffic?


The UK’s department for Transport (DfT) conducted a recent survey which suggests that road traffic could be cut by 40% if all of our cars go fully autonomous. They believe that with the technology inside self-driving cars can allow them to run much closer together than human driven vehicles, and make more use of the space on the roads. The survey further stated that if the UK went to a mix of autonomous and human driven cars, traffic could still be reduced by 25%. The DfT also ran a report which showed that urban journey times could be reduced by 30.7% in peak hours and motorways and A-road drives could be cut by 4.1%.


Transport Minister Johns Hayes said, “This exciting and extensive study shows that driverless cars could vastly improve the flow of traffic in our towns and cities, offering huge benefits to motorists including reduced delays and more reliable journey times. Driverless cars are just one example of cutting edge technology which could transform the way in which we travel in the future, particularly in providing new opportunities for those with reduced mobility. This study reinforces our belief that these technologies offer major benefits and this government will support their research,” explained Transport Minister John Hayes.

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Source – – 06/01/2017