Could the Ford Ranger Raptor be on it’s way?


The Ford F150 and the Ford Raptor.

Americans love pick-up trucks, one truck they love in particular is the Ford F-150. And when Americans have a real love affair with things the next thing to do is produce an even bigger better hardcore version!

The Ford Raptor powered by a 3.5l  EcoBoost V6 Engine is designed as a serious off road vehicle. Based on the 2015 Ford F-150 the Raptor features heavier duty suspension with long travel springs and shocks. A wider bumper and arch fenders house the larger tires.

The Ford Ranger already a success in the UK and hugely successful in Australia is currently unavailable in the US. Consumers in the States have been crying out for the mid-size Ranger for a while now and Ford have answered with the US market finally getting the Ford Ranger in 2017.

Meanwhile down under Australian Ranger owners have been tinkering with their beloved pickup trucks. There seems to be no end of aftermarket Ranger Raptor parts available. Everything from high lift suspension, grilles and fender kits. It seems some Australians have gone to some quite impressive lengths to make their Ford Rangers look as Raptor-like as possible.


Australian Ford Rangers sporting some unofficial aftermarket Ford Ranger Raptor Conversion parts

The numerous Raptor lookalikes in Australia has not gone unnoticed by Ford. The global head of Ford Performance was recently in Australia  to mark the opening ceremony of the world’s first mass production facility of carbon fibre wheels for the Ford Mustang; its also rumored that the possibility of a Raptor Ranger version of the 2019 version of the Ranger was discussed. Ford Australia is seen as one of the primary regions for development of the current Ranger and they have already started development work on the next Ranger model.

It is understood that Ford have registered the “Ranger Raptor” nameplate.

Could this mean the Ranger Raptor could become a reality? We’re sure the Ranger Raptor would go down very well in the United States as well as Australia.


The Ford Ranger and a composite of the Ford Ranger Raptor