Could this be the end of the plastic driving licence ?


The DVLA has confirmed that they are working on an app to turn the driving licence digital. The smartphone app will let the licence sit in your ‘wallet’ on your smartphone, alongside your boarding passes, debit and credit cards. DVLA Chief Executive Oliver Morley did confirm that the app will work as an ‘add-on’ to the current plastic licence, and there is no current timescale for when the app would be introduced. Ben Wood, CCS Insight Analyst explained that due to the advancement in on phone security and digital payments, the framework is in place for a digital licence.

One week prior to this app news, the Government published a report into the future of it’s motoring services, including the DVLA. They confirmed that they are working on apps to allow drivers to access the data held by the agencies and other information drivers will find useful, the nearest MOT centre for example. With the amount of people who own smartphones, it seems a digital licence will be the next step forward.

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Source – – 17/05/16

Image – – 17/05/16

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