Diesel owners to pay £20 ‘Toxin Tax’ every day

The Times has reported plans to introduce a £20 per day ‘Toxin Tax’ initiative to discourage driver’s from using their diesel cars. Andrea Leadsom, Environmental Secretary is expected to announce the new government scheme which will target England’s 10 worst polluting cities, including Birmingham, Derby, London, Nottingham, Southampton and Leeds. The new rules will effect every diesel vehicle driving around the UK’s top 10 worst polluters, whilst only commercials will be hit with the charge outside the top 10. During peak hours, some areas will introduce a complete ban on diesel vehicles.

Sadiq Khan, London Mayor is also expected to announce a £12.50 charge for high polluting cars inside the North and South Circular roads. This is due to commence in October and will sit alongside the standard congestion charge and £10 T-Charge.

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Source – http://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/industry/daily-diesel-toxin-tax-%C2%A320-planned-35-urban-areas – 04/04/17