F1 2017 is just around the corner

We only have a few weeks to go until the start of the new F1 season in Melbourne, Australia and we finally have a glimpse of what the new cars may look like that. This season hosts a range of new rules and technical changes that will dramatically change the look of the cars. Williams have been the first team to reveal images of their new racer, albeit a computer generated image and not the finished product.

The main changes in the cars is the overall size. The main body is now allowed to sit between 1400 – 1600mm wide; last year’s regulations limited to cars to a 1400mm width. The new front wings are extended by 150mm. The rear wings now sit much lower, 150mm lower in fact. The wings will work alongside the a raised rear diffuser, which will give the car more down force and improve overall grip.

All tyres have been widen, especially the rears which have a noticeable 80mm more rubber. The fronts only a 60mm increase. The car weight limit has been raised by 20kg to 722kg. Overall, the changes to the cars are set to improve downforce and make the machines far harder to drive, but with the ability to decrease lap times by up to 5 seconds. F1 has come into a lot of negative press over the last few years, with the Mercedes team’s dominance and falling interest. We certainly hope that the rules bring back the excitement of the sport and global interest.

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