First 3-D Car Manufacturers


Local Motors CEO Jay Rogers is fighting the auto industry about the amount of money it wastes. Rogers believes it is because we still build cars the way we did 100 years ago, on an assembly line with thousands of parts.

Rogers’s solution is the Strati, the first 3-D-printed car. It’s a two seater electric car that looks ugly but has been gallery-1438628209-ezra-strati-3designed to show aspects of what they can do. “We milled the sides to show how that would look,” Rogers says. “Some of the other parts are just how they came out of the printer, so you can see that. But we can make it look however we want. You could put a vinyl wrap on it and the car would still be completely recyclable.”

It’s printed from carbon fibre reinforced plastic which could allow them to embed energy absorbing structures for example. Then possibilities are large when you start to think about them and that’s before you get to the outer shell which could be 100% personalised and unique.