First Driver less Insurance Policy?


As we move more and more into automated vehicles how have the legalities of them kept up? Who is responsible if there is an accident? Will the insurance for an automated car be more than your average policy for normal vehicles?

There is now a policy designed for people who have driverless features already such as self-parking or who are thinking of getting a vehicle with autonomous technology.

Adrian Flux has launched, what it believes to be, the first policy of its kind in the UK. Gerry Bucke, general manager for Adrian Flux, said, ‘As the UK continues to invest in driverless research in preparation for the growing market for autonomous vehicles in the near future, we wanted to help provide confidence and clarity around the ongoing debate of ‘who is liable?’

‘We understand this driverless policy to be the first of its kind in the UK – and possibly the world. It’s a fantastic starting point for the insurance industry and the policy, like any other, will be updated as both the liability debate and driverless technology evolve.’article-2804531-227D464700000578-233_634x370

Some of the additional features over a standard insurance policy will be:

  • If updates or security patches for things like firewalls, operating systems, electronic mapping and journey planning systems haven’t been successfully installed in the vehicle within 24 hours of the owner being notified by the manufacturer or software provider, subject to an increased policy excess
  • If there are satellite failure / outages that affect the navigation systems, or if the manufacturer’s operating system or authorised software fails
  • Where there is loss or damage caused by failing, when able, to use manual override to avoid a collision or accident in the event of operating system, navigation system or mechanical failure.
  • For loss or damage if your car gets hacked or an attempted hack results in loss or damage

To see the policy, follow the link to Adrian Flux’s website.