First electric London cabs to hit the roads by the end of the year

The London Taxi Company (LTC) have announced that the first electric cabs will hit the capital’s roads by the end of the year, reacting to TFL’s new rules which demand all new taxis must have a minimum 30 mile range of zero emissions capability. Photos have been shot and released by the LTC which show the car in arctic testing; this is something manufacturers do when cars are in final testing and nearly ready for mass production. LTC have almost completed a purpose-built plant in Coventry to house the new cabs following a £300 million investment from Geely; the parent company of LTC. As soon as the site is open, production will begin and the cars will begin to roll out before the 1st January deadline until the new legislations are enforced.

Just like the Vauxhall Ampera and BMW i3 Range Extender, the new cab will feature range extending technology which is set to feature inside a new delivery van built alongside the taxi. The exact range of the new taxis has not been revealed but LTC say it “exceeds requirements comfortably” and when all testing is complete, further details will be released.

We think the electric cab is a great idea and can’t for them to hit the roads. It will certainly improve the air quality and reduce noise pollution and shows the great work we are doing in advancing driving technology.


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Source – – 15/03/2017