First Right Hand Drive Mustangs on their way.

No your eyes do not deceive you; that is indeed the new 2015 sixth generation Ford Mustang in right hand drive form.


2015 Ford Mustang Convertible in Right Hand Drive Form

In 50 years of Mustang production Ford has never built a right hand drive Mustang until now The new Ford Mustang which will be available towards the end of 2015 will be available in 110 countries including right hand drive markets such as the UK, India, South Africa and Australia. In total there are 25 right hand drive countries confirmed to recieve the new right hand drive Ford Mustang.

The UK Ford Mustang will be availble in Fastback and Convertible form with a choice of two engines, the four cyclinder 2.3l EcoBoost Engine or the 5 litre V8.

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