Ford GT Production Run to double.

Ford’s GT supercar has been a runaway success, so much of a success that the production run has been doubled to produce and 500 vehicles.

When Ford reveal it 2015 version of the Ford GT last year the demand was such that the entire production run was snapped up before anyone had even driven the car, due to this unprecedented success the Ford GT production run has been extended from 2 years to 4 years.

The original production run was to build just 500 examples of the Ford GT, meant that a lot of people unfortunately missed the chance to have an iconic Ford GT in their garage. The demand has been such that Ford are now to offer a further 500 Ford GT to selected customers bringing the production run to 1000.

The decision coincides with with Ford Performance’s to race in both the IMSA and WEC GT endurance race series for four years.

The initial extended run will feature the optional Le Mans Heritage Colour Scheme, a black silver striped livery replicating that of the 1966 Le Mans Winning Ford GT.

In addition to the Special Le Mans Car, 8 further new colours will be available, there will be several personalisation options available including interior, caliper and strip options.

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