Ford Ranger Pick-Up Box

We all know the Ford Ranger is built tough. Designed with a payload of over 1 tonne and a towing capability of up to 3500kg. It’s one thing to achieve these numbers at the design stage, but Ford wanted the Ford Ranger to also be able to perform in the real world. Ford ruthlessly tested the Ranger in some of the most hostile environments on earth, extreme temperatures and harsh terrain, to make sure that the Ford Ranger can take every task you throw at it.

A lot of effort went into designing  the Rangers pick-up box. Designed to accommodate a a Euro pallet, giving you plenty of space to take all the materials or tools of your trade.

The pick-up box is over engineered in ways that you can’t possibly conceive, take a look at this amazing video that shows just how tough the Ford Ranger pick-up box is.

To find out more about the Ford Ranger contact Dees of Croydon Transit Centre


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