Ford to start offering 1 month finance deals in the US

Ford Edge - Ford badge

Ford have announced they are to introduce new finance deals including roadside assistance, finance and maintenance fees in terms as short as 1 month. The blue oval will start the packages in the US which are aimed at customers who either don’t want to commit to a longer term or will struggle to pay for the full term. At the end of each month, the customer will have the option to hand the car back or roll on for another month.

In November 2016, Ford acquired Canvas, a company that specializes in short vehicle finance and chief executive Ned Ryan said: “Our mission is to identify, test and launch financial products that meet the changing needs of consumers. Were addressing the void in the consumer space between daily rentals and long-term (financial) commitments.”

86% of new cars registered in the UK are through finance so a new scheme could possibly on the way. We currently have some excellent new and used offer at Dees of Wimbledon, take a look here and book yourself a test drive; Dees of Wimbledon, New and Used


Source – – 16/06/2017

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