Ford Trials Transit Custom Plug In Hybrid

In an effort to help improve London air quality, Ford are launching a multi million pound project to trial 20 new PHEV (plug-in hybrid electrical vehicle) Ford Transit Custom Vans. The trial of the 20 vans will run over a 12 month period. Its thought that on an average weekday in London commercial vehicles cover over 8 million miles! The PHEV Transit Custom will be helping to reduce city emissions by running solely on electric battery power for the majority of city driving trips. Over the next five years Ford plan to introduce 13 new global electrified models.

The project which is backed by a £4.7m UK government grant will provide the vans to a range of commercial fleet operators in London including Transport for London; the hope is that the vehicles will help contribute to cleaner air targets and also help boost operator productivity.

The vans which can be changed with mains electricity enabling them to run solely on electrical power for zero emissions city journeys will also have an efficient engine for longer trips. A telematics system will collate data on the vehicles environment, operational and financial performance.